Advanced Nodes


    End Conditions

    End Conditions

    Games end when certain conditions are fulfilled: a player reaches a certain goal, time runs out or all players but one are eliminated.


    Set End Conditions to end a game when a condition is fulfilled.

    Machinations diagrams use End Conditions to specify end states. End Conditions are square Nodes with a smaller, filled square inside (the same symbol that is used to indicate the stop button on most audio and video players).


    Machinations checks the End Conditions in a diagram at each time step and stops running immediately when any End Condition is fulfilled. In other words, if you have multiple End Conditions in a diagram, it will stop running as soon as any one of the End Conditions is met. For such an example, play the diagram below.

    End Conditions must be activated by a State Connection. In this case, the Formulas on the State Connections are used to specify the end state of the game.


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