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Changelog • Machinations.io

≏ Evolution




    • New Labels:
      • Descriptive Label
      • Formula (functional)
      • Interval
    • Snap to grid and snap to guidelines:
      • Better alignments both for moving existing components and adding new ones from the sidebar
      • Avoid placing Nodes over application panels
      • Follow the grid and keep the selection active during repositioning with arrow keys
    • Display loading cursor during slow actions on the canvas
    • Preview during dragging nodes to match the scale
    • Hide header bar when loading embedded diagrams
    • Display the actual value of components in the Properties panel, during each execution Step
    • Avoid application freeze when the origin of a non-conditional State Connection is a Source or a Drain
    • Avoid application freeze when a loop structure is detected
    • CSV downloads – paid feature
    • Unexpected diagram repositioning after resizing/restoring the browser window or panning
    • Pressing Esc during Label editing
    • For several undo actions
    • Thumbnails: alignment fixes when open grid view, enforce diagram background color to white
    • Converters: disabling a converter will do not interrupt an ongoing conversion
    • Registers:
      • Interactive Register to update its value at the first Play after edited from the properties panel
      • Consistent constraints for initial, minimum, and maximum values
      • Split Labels for Registers into the descriptive Label and functional Formula
      • Evaluate Register value at the start of the execution
      • Evaluate Register value at the Step when one of its existing inputs or outputs becomes enabled
      • Interactive Nodes do not trigger their actions when conditioned by a Register
    • Resource Connections with the Label “0” block a “pull all’ trigger of a Node with multiple inputs
    • Resource Connections disabled by a conditional State Connection will be considered as nonexistent, but if the disabling reason is due to the status of its origin Node, then its value may influence the target Node (e.g. a Node with multiple inputs and “pull all” trigger)
    • Postpone the disabling of a Node if there is an incoming Resource during the same Step
    • End Condition: display proper disabling reason when not connected as a target of a conditional State Connection
    • The operator “=” on State Connections will overwrite the target value. When multiple equal State Connections have to change the same target, during the same Step, the action of the one with the highest #ID will take effect at the end of the Step
    • Send Pool value through a State Connection on execution start
    • Delay Nodes with different Labels on input and output should not block the target triggering further
    • Consistent priorities on execution of Resource Connections triggered during the same Step
    • Conditional State Connection updates its status when its Formula is changed by another State Connection
    • Duplicated Nodes during a diagram Play added to the model
    • A bug for Gates that have a disabled output Connection labeled “all”
    • Trigger to be generated only by the receiving Node out of all targets of a Gate, when it’s labeled with numbers on its outputs
    • Cache management for team’s data
    • Fit-to-screen for snippets
    • Registers value calculation
    • Registers allow limits reset
    • Rebuilding diagram during Play when diagram is changed
    • No default limits for Registers
    • Library items fly-out panel smaller and aligned to hovered item
    • Hide settings icon on libraries for users without this right access
    • Add Custom value in Zoom fly-out box selector
    • New/updated shortcuts for fit-to-screen (CTRL+1) and fit-to-selection (CTRL+2)
    • Add shortcut for version history (CTRL-H)
    • Disabling State Connection starting from an End Condition
    • Shortcut for Export to GDrive (CTRL+Shift+G)
    • Hide tooltip when show fly-out box selector for Steps/Speed
    • Error when aligning multiple selections that include at least one disconnected end-point
    • Broken links on the registration page
    • Registers updating on the first step under certain conditions
    • Interactive Registers modifying output Nodes even when the limit is reached
    • Open Chart for old diagrams
    • Undo/Redo during Colaborative editing
    • Grouping changes in Version History
    • Highlighting all changes of a version that groups multiple changes
    • Performance on diagram zooming and panning
    • Manipulation of larger diagrams
    • More intuitive Undo/Redo during collaborative editing
    • Local preference for chart height, grid and layers visibility in collaborative editing
    • Node Labels positioning and alignment
    • Groups copying and editing
    1. Open templates URL as public diagram when the user is not authenticated
    2. Open templates in view-only when the user is authenticated
    3. Allow using charts, interactive Nodes and show Properties for view-only diagrams
    4. Short Labels positioning (avoid elliptical path)
    5. Placeholder text behavior for the search field in the Open Diagram dialog
    1. Open public diagrams with multiple layers
    2. Paste or duplicate using CTRL-drag with multiple components
    3. Change management in different conflictual scenarios
    4. Label editing in Collaborative mode
    1. New Play-bar controller
    1. Fit-to-screen on public diagram to update the value field of zoom controller
    2. Isolated scenarios on save changes
    1. New UI for Public Diagrams
    2. Speed optimisations
    3. Textbox
    1. Sharing dialog
    2. Presing “escape” when adding a new connection on diagram
    3. Rejoin a collaborative “room”
    4. Tags list for team diagrams
    1. Share as “Editor” default for team diagrams
    2. Team members allowed to edit diagram permissions
    3. Allow sharing to new email address
    4. Disable sharing rights for viewers
    1. The Open dialog now shows diagram stats
    2. Revamped Share dialog
    3. Added Undo/Redo buttons on canvas
    4. Placeholder in chart legend (if there aren’t any Nodes added)
    5. No default limits for Connections
    6. API: import variable from external clients (Unity plugin)
    1. Update Steps and Runs parameter when changing Run Mode
    2. Adding library items to new/unsaved diagrams
    3. Limits number of components of a library item (300)
    4. Triggers activate even when the Origin Node receives no input
    5. Save grid color
    6. Reopen the last diagram if no save since the previous open
    1. Label issues for older diagrams
    2. Collaborative Editing issue
    3. Undo management
    4. Force socket.io reconnect after database reconnection
    5. Connection points on text nodes
    6. Image size inside text nodes
    7. Updating steps and runs when changing Run Mode
    8. Option to select billing cycle period on new or upgrade purchasing flows
    1. Error when an End Condition node become true and there are resources still in transit between nodes
    2. Close ‘change password’ dialog on success
    3. Automatically sign-in just after sign-up
    4. Diagram history-related issues
    5. Several, under-the-hood fixes
    1. Components ID management which may lead to an infinite loop
    2. Diagram history in some scenarios
    3. Diagram changes management
    4. Showing online collaborators on editing
    1. Live Collaborative Editing major performance improvements
    2. Minor UI/UX fixes
    3. New pricing plans: team-based plans, new usage-based quotas
    • Errors causing data loss, especially in Live Collaborative mode.
    1. Libraries have been completely reworked
      1. Organised by tabs -> Public, Private & Team (for Pro accounts)
      2. Search
      3. Description
    2. Run Modes
      1. Moved to the bottom of the canvas
      2. Toggle between animated and quick run
    3. Chart area:
      1. Chart type moved to Node level
      2. Run History – isolate runs & navigate through them
    4. Zoom controller & Layers moved to bottom right corner
    5. Added Fit to Screen button
    6. Added Diagram description
    7. Added Search tags
    8. Better undo management: includes changes made via Collaborative Editing and changes brought to Chart properties
    9. Several under-the-hood optimisations for better performance
    1. Toggle team sharing when sharing dialogue is opened from the Live Collaborative Edit button 
    2. Member diagrams not visible to team owner 
    3. Display correct AM/PM time in Version History
    1. Duplicate/Delete with Connections
    2. Styling GUI: Color, Text & Connection Line Types moved to the Properties Panel
    3. Pointer for interactive Nodes in Public Diagrams
    1. Hovering pointer near a label of a selected Connection causes the diagram center to change
    2. Concurrently deleting a Node and a Group
    3. Error when placing a Register on the canvas
    4. Error at Quick and Multiple Run
    5. Templates that have unopened charts receive an error when opening their resulted copies
    6. Resource Connections can have Registers, End Conditions and Drains for Origin Nodes
    7. Closing and opening the properties tab causes overlapping issues
    8. Unresponsive buttons when accessing flow from the “Compare Plans” tab
    1. Performance on
      1. Diagrams loading process
      2. Execution for large diagrams
    2. Editing
      1. Text Nodes 
      2. Labels
    3. The = operator on State Connections overwrites the value of any Target Node.
    1. Pools transfer double the values issue (related to Chrome 83.0.4103.106 update) 
    2. QuickRun issue related to saving diagram and loose 
    3. State Connections Gate acting as a Reverse Trigger issue 
    4. Modulus operator (%) value returned issue
    5. Expressions that use multiple Dices as Labels only take the last Dice into account
    6. Registers add Resources to Pools via State Connections of updating their value 
    7. Skill and Multiplayer issues 
    8. State Connections influence flow after being disabled Interactive Nodes issue 
    9. Pools set to Pull All not pulling Resources if the total is equal to their limit 
    10. Issues with math.js and Registers 
    11. Some Dice Label issues 
    12. Resources lost when using % on Resource Connections & Random Gates 
    13. Letter “e” interpreted as the mathematical constant on Registers 
    14. % Labels not treated as chances on Resource Connections when transferring Resources
    15. Text Node:
      1. Saves content when copy/pasted or duplicated
      2. Several issues with import/export to Google Sheet
      3. Undo/Redo/Refresh issues
      4. Moving group of selected Nodes that includes a Text Node
    16. Layers:
      1. Save name
      2. Several diagram saving issues when working with layers
    17. Issues saving changes by invited to edit users
    18. Zoom shortcut
    19. Capcha issue for Chinese networks
    20. Adjusting Chart size affects diagram center
    21. Issue with Google Sheets imports that affected the user’s ability to save file when overwriting
    22. Double subscription issue
    23. Gate acting as a Reverse Trigger issue
    24. Websocket connectivity issues
    25. Interactive Nodes issue

    1. Live Collaborative Editing
    2. Version History
    3. Team Management
    4. Diagram Tags
    5. “Add to my Machinations” button on Public Diagrams
    1. Label selection priority
    2. Charts:
    3. Update chart on Node changes
    4. Save Chart properties
    5. Auto-open Chart on MultipleRuns Time
    6. Public Diagrams: chart bar icons are now available
    7. Show Node value in the Properties panel, next to its title
    8. Copy-Paste Nodes with properties
    9. Automatically colour Node with the Resource’s colour for colour-coded Nodes
    10. Thumbnails for Groups
    11. Show element thumbnail during drag&drop
    12. Show hand-pointer for interactive Nodes during Run-time
    13. Prompt user to reload at session disconnect
    14. Save diagram options
    15. Draw Connections
    16. Groups control in Public Diagrams
    17. Credential requests for Google Drive
    18. Several text Nodes improvements
    19. Several notifications improvements
    20. Several UI/UX improvements
    1. Allow fast clicking on Run/Pause
    2. Pull-all elements fill to allow selection
    3. Interval on Resource Connection
    4. Thumbnail for Public Diagram shared-link preview
    5. Allow move Label before element selection
    6. Clear Chart on File > Open
    7. Connections
    8. Bind objects to Connection on drag
    9. Connection point to Label
    10. Several connection issues for State Connections
    11. Prevent Connection to self for Resource & State Connections
    12. “Disconnected” error auto-reload page
    13. Several zoom&positioning fixes
    14. Performance issues when opening the Library for the first time
    15. First Run after copy-pasting Resources flow isn’t performed according to Label
    1. Allow more changes during live diagram execution
      1. change Nodes’ functional parameters
      2. changes to existing Nodes or Connections linked to existing Nodes
      3. allow Undo/Redo
    2. Credential request for persistent access to Google Drive
    3. Gates
      1. allow float numbers and expressions on output Connections
      2. permit mixed structure (see Mixed Gates)
      3. avoid looping structure
      4. deliver Resources only to Nodes which accept and have the capacity for more Resources
      5. optimise Random Gate with probable or conditional outputs
    4. Traders
      1. avoid invalid Triggers
      2. accept Resources only if fired
      3. store Resources received, but not used in a Trade
      4. deliver Resources only to Nodes which accept and have the capacity for more Resources
    5. Registers
      1. allow math.js defined constants to be used in Register formulas
      2. allow for mixed Coloured and not Colour Coded State Connections
      3. Colour Coded Resources fire only matching-colour coded output Triggers
    6. Double-clicking to connect new Register or End Condition from the Machinations left-side panel, automatically uses State Connections
    7. System notifications log, top right, next to the Share button
    8. Show warning message if popup blocker is detected
    1. Prevent Nodes misbehaviour during execution right after altering My Library
    2. Allow empty Name field at Sign Up with Google
    3. End Condition in relation to Register
    4. Remove HTML tags from file name
    5. Allow label modifiers with percentages
    6. Import/Export label value
    7. Filename encoding in shareable links
    8. Escape on open dialogs
    9. Activate Register when output State Connection becomes disabled
    10. Drain Resources when Pool Capacity set
    11. Optimisation on Deterministic Gate with probable outputs

    Export/Import to Google Sheets

    Public Diagrams:

    1. Share diagram via public URL (even with non-users) with Run & Charting
    2. Embed diagram HTML snippet to Run remotely in iFrame
    1. View Only Sharing: improved workflow (includes spaces/comma separated email addresses for multiple invites)
    2. New execution buttons
    3. Show disabling reason on hover 
    4. Random Gate with bulk input optimisations
    5. Firefox animations
    6. Changed font family to Roboto
    7. New connection point on Source (bottom mid) (@Hugues Pedreno)
    1. Sharing issues when sharing to a non-user then re-sharing to a user with same email
    2. Allow empty name at email signup
    3. Logout after delete account
    4. Dismiss welcome dialogue checkbox
    5. Max length of file name
    6. Open invalid file
    7. Avoid html tags in file name
    8. Position of default labels
    9. Activator on activator (@Christoph)

    1. Machinations Beta Open Beta
    2. File Sharing – View Only for now, advanced sharing and real-time collaboration features coming up over the following months. Users can make a copy of the view-only file if they want to make any changes to it.
    3. Error messages on faulty Node Connections and Labels syntax. Hint messages on Disabled Nodes displayed on Right Click and Hover
    4. Warnings Messages in Functional Properties field on Label formulas
    5. Random Gate with decimals on output labels
    6. Progress bar on File Open
    7. Warning for non Google Chrome users
    8. Splash loading screen
    1. Label placements
    2. Fit to content on file open or open with last zoom setting
    3. Undo changes on Labels or any other customisable element
    4. Connection remains selected after changing one of its endpoints
    5. Moving groups together with other elements
    6. Changing font labels
    7. Improve rendering of sidebar nodes
    8. Improve selection and drag of multiple elements
    9. State Connections moving around when rearranging one of them

    1. Progress bar during Quick Run and Multiple Run execution
    2. Resource and State Connections now automatically get the colour formatting from their Colour Coding settings, i.e. when a connection is Colour Coded to Blue or Green, it will automatically get a Blue or Green shading
    3. Clear client browser cache automatically after app update. No more need to hard refresh your Chrome tab.
    1. Connecting multiple consecutive State Connection inputs on a Register now default labels them a, b, c, not a, a, a
    2. Label modifiers via State Connections can now be applied on the outputs of Gates, Traders, Converters, Delays
    3. Rework the File thumbnail generation and fixed the aspect ratio. Make any change on an older file to get a shiny new thumbnail in your diagram gallery.
    4. Various UI small improvements
    1. Label placement issues during repositioning. This is a pretty old, small and frustrating bug that we’ve been struggling with. Please let us know if it still causes trouble.
    2. Pool overflow issue
    3. Colour fill Nodes, Labels and Symbols in Disabled state
    4. Opening “non-existing file” issue
    5. Disable Nodes with no Input/Output Connections
    6. Allow custom TLDs emails for new user registration (thanks @norlin for reporting this)
    7. State Connection activator not running properly on first ever execution of a newly created diagram (thanks to Rogerio for reporting this)
    8. State Connection activator priority on disabling a Node (thanks @samur for reporting the “Mission source” issue)
    9. Play buttons malfunction after deleting a File
    10. Disabled Nodes that serve as input value for a Register now generate input values on Run start
    11. Gate with multiple Triggers and interpreting reverse Triggers
    12. Capacity Limit wouldn’t go above 25 (thanks @Wammy for reporting this)
    13. Infinite loop cases on node modifiers
    14. Register outputs can now serve as Label modifiers on State and Resource Connections

    1. “Welcome” window featuring starter pack resources
    2. “Search as you type” behaviour of File -> Open menu
    1. File -> Open list & grid view layout
    2. Sign In/Sign Up layout and flow
    3. Rendering of Pool and Delay Nodes
    4. Icon generation for saved Files and Library items
    5. Icon rendering for Group collapse/expand
    6. Disabling and enabling Nodes based on structural and functional state during execution
    7. Functionality of State Connections during execution (Activator, Trigger, Node Modifier, Label Modifier)
    1. Displaying tooltips in side panel
    2. Move multiple selected elements
    3. Label Modifier on Gate output connections
    4. Gate with 100+ resources on input transferring only 1 further @jkhgames

    • Multiple Runs is a power feature that allows you to simulate hundreds of Quick Runs to get statistical insight on how your systems play out. The vast majority of game systems have random elements for emergence; so every single play session is going to be different
    1. Quick Run client-server performance and Run buttons responsiveness during execution;
    2. Diagram execution speed and performance
    3. Changes for Time Step Interval and Time Steps Limits
    4. Labels editing for nodes and groups
    5. Chart navigation through different Runs history
    6. Diagram execution with smaller than 1s time interval, eg: connections blink
    7. Parameter changes in the Properties panel
    8. Autosave
    9. Connection Label editing
    10. Save Chart properties across sessions
    1. Register value activator
    2. Manipulate zero length connections
    3. Autosave and orchestrator rebuild on changes in the Properties panel
    4. Ignore Pull from Gate, previously causing freezes @Nick – Alleyway Games
    5. Deny multiple request on Open
    6. Register with incoming Activator not working properly

    1. Chart history – you can now compare Run iteration outcomes on the same Chart. Use the << >> to navigate through your executions, ie: Run diagram and plot the values of a Pool, then Stop, change a parameter and Run again to notice the differences. The same for Quick Run executions. NOTE that for now you should keep your Time Steps Limit ideally lower than 100 for best performance. While you will get results in the range of hundreds, you will notice slow responsiveness. While still to be improved, this feature is one big step forward towards Multiple Runs (Monte Carlo)
    2. Reopen last edited diagram – straightforward and useful
    3. Live Support widget in the bottom right that you can use straight from the app.
    1. Percentage label modifiers – now show up as % instead of decimal values, ie: State Connection with a +20% Label pointing towards a Resource Connection Label value of 10 will display 10+20% @Jordan
    2. Colour coded state connections – you can now use Colour Coding on State Connections, ie: only specific coloured resource within a Pool will influence feedback loops
    3. Resource and State Connections – line manipulation and drawing improvements
    4. Moving Groups – fixes with multiple selections
    1. File Handling: complex diagrams would previously cause a “Drawing is too large” error and freeze. We’ve improved our client-server communication and this shouldn’t happen anymore, regardless of diagram size. If you do manage to freeze it, please let us know how many elements and connections on it, or send us a screenshot
    2. Quick Run: now runs more responsive, also fixed some situations where Quick Run would result in a halt at “0” steps @João Castro. There’s still a performance issue when running Quick Run with the Chart open. Working on it. As a quick fix, we’ve downgraded the default Quick Run Steps limit to 100 (previously 1000). This will not be updated on old diagrams, so if you run into performance freeze, please downscale the number of Quick Run Steps you’re simulating. NOTE: it’s best practice to have a diagram End Condition when using Quick Run, to avoid infinite loops on the server, thanks!
    3. Chart: overall chart animation running more smoothly
    1. Gate with colour coded outputs now working as intended, so you can use a Gate to sort resources by type @Christoph
    2. The Pool modified by a Register value not updating status on State Connections outputs @Jordan
    3. Autosave causing text deletion during label edit
    4. Queue as conditional activator, now you can use State Connection feedbacks to create buffers, ie: Source active while Queue <10
    5. File list filtering on Open file menu
    6. Label placement improvements. Still a few glitches here, but we’re catching up with them

    1. AutoSave – exactly what you would expect, working diagrams get auto saved every 10s or 10 actions. This is a big step towards Machinations becoming a full-feature webapp, with Version History, Live Collaboration, etc. Right now, it solves the great risk of losing unsaved work, which is a critical priority for us.
    2. Multi-Waypoint Connector Drawing – Resource and State Connections can now be placed with multiple inflexions, by point and click. This is a legacy feature from Machinations desktop, that some of our users requested and we felt it would do a better job at connecting nodes on a crowded diagram.
    3. Menu shortcut: File -> New From Template. More templates to be added today.
    4. Various small improvements.
    1. “all” Label on Resource Connections – now works as intended, “all” moves all resources available from the source node to the destination.
    2. Improved loading time – server routines for faster client responsiveness.
    3. Diagrams with groups in them sometimes not saving properly.
    4. Server connectivity issues and various small fixes.

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