Best Practices

    Best Practices

    1. Make use of the infinite canvas
    2. Align & Distribute Nodes (multiple selection > Properties > Arrange)
    3. When building, keep Grid & Guides on (Properties)
    4. Try to keep a Vertical or Horizontal hierarchy of your systems
    5. Use colour schemes to format your Nodes
    6. Use Colour Coded Resources to keep Resource flows separate
    7. Group subsystems (select multiple Nodes > Right Click > Group)
    8. Use Layers
    9. Do not clutter your diagrams with unnecessary elements and text
    10. Do not use Comic Sans. Because you can’t 🙂

    1. Select a diagram Node, then DoubleClick / Alt+DoubleClick on a New Node in the Components sidebar to instantiate it on the diagram and automatically connect it via a Resource / State Connection.

    2. Zoom in/out ALT+Scroll

    3. Drop Nodes on loose Resource Connections to auto-link

    4. Use the Waypoints Presets to organise your diagrams

    5. Add systems to My Library and use them later by drag&dropping them into any other diagram

    6. Use Groups to declutter your diagram

    7. Export Multiple Run data sets

    8. Use Layers (View>Layers / Ctrl[Cmd]+Shift+L) for selecting & locking content

    9. Use Outline (Ctrl[Cmd]+Shift+O) like a mini-map to navigate through larger diagrams

    10. Duplicate/Delete with Connections


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