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Suburbs Tycoon - Economy


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This diagram represents a simulation of a small economy or community development system focusing on the construction and growth of houses and commercial buildings, population growth, and revenue generation. The system incorporates several key components such as houses ("House 1", "House 2", "House 3"), commercial buildings ("Commercial 1", "Commercial 2", "Commercial 3"), and a central population pool. Resources are allocated to these components via converters and pools to simulate construction and growth. Certain pools are designated for accumulating resources representing the population and total revenue, which can dynamically increase based on the state of the economy and different triggers within the system. 

The diagram also integrates registers and state connections that perform calculations and determine the flow of resources based on conditions such as population size and revenue. These computational elements allow the simulation to incorporate complex interactions like the effect of population size on revenue generation and building growth. With intervals and formulas set for resource connections, the simulation can model time-based events and growth cycles, simulating how an economy or community might evolve over time. Gates and source nodes are used to trigger and supply the necessary resources for the simulation to run, representing external factors and inputs into the system.


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