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Wheel of Fortune - TGDA


Wheel of Fortune Design as was done live on a Youtube video from Taha Game Academy channel.
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This diagram represents a resource management and distribution system designed to simulate an economy around various assets such as coins, gems, and power-ups. At the core of this system, sources generate a continuous flow of resources (represented by a black color) into a primary pool. From this primary pool, resources are then automatically distributed at specific percentages to other pools designated for coins, gems, and power-ups, each labeled accordingly (e.g., "coin 1", "gem 2", "power up weak 1"). The distribution mechanism involves a sequence of automatic gates that channel resources into these pools according to predefined proportions which are indicated by formulas within resource connections. 

Notably, the system also incorporates a "user skill" pool, which receives inputs from an interactive source, symbolizing the influence of player actions or external inputs on the system. Additionally, the presence of state connections that modify flow rates suggests that the system is designed to adapt over time, possibly to represent changes in the economic environment or to reflect the impact of user strategies. The overall design reflects a complex interplay of resource acquisition, allocation, and consumption, aiming to replicate the dynamic nature of economic systems in gamified or simulation contexts.


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