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This diagram models a player-versus-player (PvP) game economy system where players engage in combats and various interactions, signified through the exchange and management of resources. It utilizes a mix of sources generating resources of different colors (e.g., Black for general gameplay elements, Blue for specific player actions or buffs, Green for environmental factors, and Orange for possibly items or power-ups) that feed into pools, which act as holding areas for these resources. These pools are dynamically affected by the input from sources, and their contents can trigger state changes, modulate the behavior of other nodes, or get drained, representing consumption or loss of resources within the game's economy.

Resources flow through the system, guided by conditions and intervals, indicating time-based game mechanics or cooldowns. Drains in this model could represent expenditure points like abilities usage or resource sink areas where players spend their accumulations to progress or achieve objectives within the game. State connections influence the activation of sources based on the availability of resources in specific pools, simulating a cause-and-effect relationship between different game actions like how acquiring certain items or buffs (Blue resources) can unlock or activate new capabilities (triggering other sources). This interconnected system of pools, sources, and drains, controlled by various conditions and intervals, captures the dynamic and strategic nature of the game's economy, where resource management and timing are key to player success.


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