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Eclipsychosis - Items Stacking


How Items behave in Eclipsychosis
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This diagram models an item stacking system within a game environment, showcasing how different types of items—like HP items, speed items, light and heavy attack items, and effect items (burn/poison)—interact within a player's inventory and influence their game stats such as current health points (HP), movement speed, and attack power. The system is designed to allow the acquisition of items, with each item type enhancing specific attributes of a player character. For example, picking up an HP item increases the player's current HP, while acquiring a speed item boosts movement speed. Additionally, attack items enhance either light or heavy attack power, and effect items apply special conditions like burn or poison to opponents.

Critical to this model are the mechanisms governing the duration and effectiveness of each item. Resources representing different items flow from a source to respective pools via a gate that randomly distributes items among different categories. Conversion nodes transform these items into attribute increases, such as higher HP or faster movement. However, certain conditions, modeled by register and state connections, impact the longevity and efficacy of these boosts, such as diminishing returns or conditions that cause immediate consumption (drain) of an item's benefit before its typical duration ends. Registers evaluate if specific conditions are met (e.g., attack power exceeds a threshold), triggering drains that simulate the expiration of an item's effects. This model thus encapsulates both the temporary boosts items can provide and the dynamic factors that can shorten their expected benefits.


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