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Lava : AOE Effect And Basic Gameplay System


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This diagram represents a strategic game simulation where players deploy units, specifically "Lava," across various high ground (HG) and lower ground areas to engage enemy forces and protect a base. The game is structured around managing resources, positioning, and timing of attacks, alongside utilizing special abilities to achieve victory. Key elements include pools representing different terrains (high ground and lower ground), a player base, enemy spawner, and units such as "Lava" with their attack power (DMG) and skill points (SP). Converters are used to deploy units to specified high grounds, and pools like "Base Health" and "Enemy Spawner" track the ongoing state of the base's defense and the generation of enemy units, respectively.

The gameplay dynamics are further enriched by the inclusion of auto-attack mechanisms, skill activations like "Ring Of Hellfire," and an array of state and resource connections that dictate the flow of action, such as moving, attacking, and the application of damage to enemy units or the player's base. Gates control the progression of enemy units along a designated path towards the player base, with drains representing points where units or resources are removed from play, including the consumption of SP for skill activation or the decrement of base health upon enemy attack. Strategic deployment of "Lava" units, managing the accumulation and expenditure of resources like DP (Deployment Points) and SP (Skill Points), as well as timing attacks and skill uses, are crucial to defending the base and ultimately determining the outcome of the simulation.


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