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This diagram represents a resource distribution system that begins with a single source node generating a consistent flow of resources, symbolized by black-colored items. These resources are initially passed through a gate which operates on a randomized distribution mechanism, likely simulating variable outcomes or scenarios in which resources are distributed unevenly. From this gate, resources are funneled into three distinct pools, each representing different items or asset categories within the system, referred to as Item_01, Item_02, and Item_03.

The distribution of resources to these pools is governed by predetermined percentages, which simulate the allocation rates or probabilities of resources flowing into each pool. Specifically, Item_01 has an 80% chance of receiving resources, whereas Item_02 and Item_03 have probabilities of 33% and 40%, respectively. This setup is indicative of a system designed to model the randomness present in allocation or distribution processes, where different outcomes are not only possible but expected, based on the underlying probabilities. Such a configuration could be employed to simulate economic systems, game economies, or any scenario where resources are allocated according to varying probabilities.


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