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Genshin Wish Gacha


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This diagram models a simulated gacha system for a video game, detailing the process of players obtaining characters and weapons of varying rarity through random loot pulls. Four different sources initiate the process, each labeled with a unique type of in-game wish pull, feeding into a network of gates designed to simulate the chance-based outcomes characteristic of gacha mechanics. These outcomes range from high-value 5-star characters and weapons to more common 3-star weapons, each allocated to their respective pools following predefined probabilistic formulas that emulate typical gacha odds. For example, gates process the probabilities for landing different rarities of items -- a crucial part of the system closely mirroring the excitement and randomness of gacha game mechanics.

The diagram also features a special mechanism for guaranteeing a 5-star character after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts, represented by a pool and a register that track the accumulation of pulls and calculate the number of guaranteed characters based on this information. Resource connections facilitate the transfer of "pulls" between nodes, with formulas that dictate the flow rates, probabilities, and conditions under which resources (or in this case, game items) move within the system. This meticulous configuration effectively captures the essence of gacha game economics, showcasing the balancing act between player satisfaction and the incentivization of spending within the game's ecosystem.


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