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Stylite Resource Management v1.1


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The diagram outlines a complex resource management and progression system, likely designed for a game. It models several interconnected systems including food production, population growth, industrial outputs, and a narrative expedition mechanic. At the core, three primary resource generation areas: a farm, laboratory, and workshop, each producing distinct resources essential for the survival and progression within the game environment. These primary resources go through various gates indicating decision-making points or processes that determine their further use, conversion, or loss. For instance, food production is necessary to prevent starvation, an end condition that could terminate the game, whereas refined materials like marble flow through a converter mechanism, illustrating a process of transforming basic resources into more valuable assets or constructions such as districts and statues.

Additional layers of complexity are added through mechanisms that simulate research accumulation, district control, and expeditionary ventures, each with varying success conditions influenced by resource management and strategy. Registers calculate outputs based on resource inputs, representing efficiency or skill levels that directly impact game outcomes like district expansion or research breakthroughs. Expeditions and missions introduce variability and strategic planning elements, engaging players in balancing risk and reward based on current resources and achievements. Furthermore, the system simulates a dynamic environment where factors like food availability, population growth, and external challenges such as smog or statue loss can significantly impact progress and require adaptive strategies, suggesting a game where sustainability and expansion are key themes.


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