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Simple sample of fuel refilling system
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This diagram models a sophisticated resource management and skill progression system, likely for a game environment, where character development is pivotal. The core of the system revolves around the manipulation of resources—represented by "Black" and "Green"—that flow through various nodes simulating game mechanics such as skill acquisition, resource depletion, and replenishment.

The initial setup includes pools for storing resources, with one pool acting as a primary source of "Black" resources set to decrease automatically, indicating a resource that is continually used or depleted over time. Another pool is designated for "Green" resources, labeled as "Credits", which players can interact with to trigger resource movement. These mechanisms suggest the inclusion of player actions affecting the economy, such as spending credits which in turn affect other aspects of the game's mechanics.

Skills—codified as pools labeled "Skill 1" to "Skill 5"—act as milestones or achievements players can unlock. The transition of resources into these skill pools is governed by a gate, suggesting a probabilistic element or a decision-making point that determines when and how skills are acquired, reminiscent of leveling up or skill improvement scenarios. Additionally, the use of state connections imposing conditions on resource flow introduces a layer of strategy or conditions that must be satisfied to trigger certain game events, reinforcing the dynamic interplay between player actions, skill development, and resource management.

Conversely, drains and converters simulate resource sinkholes and transformation mechanics, respectively, hinting at mechanics where players can convert or lose resources based on game activities. Triggers and conditions integrated through state connections and gates create a flexible and responsive system, emulating complex game scenarios where players' decisions and in-game events significantly impact the overall economy and character progression pathway. This intricate setup not only underlines the cyclical nature of resource management within the game environment but also ensures a deep player engagement through interactive elements and conditional progression.


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