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Starcraft 2 Protoss Base


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This diagram represents a complex resource management system modeled after a StarCraft 2 base-building scenario, specifically focusing on the Protoss faction. It simulates the collection of minerals and gas, and the construction of various buildings and units such as Nexus, Pylons, Probes, Gas Probes, Gateways, Forges, Zealots, Photon Cannons, Cybernetics Cores, Sentries, Stalkers, and Mothership Cores. Resources flow from source pools labeled "Total Minerals Collected" and "Total Gas Collected" through a series of converters, delays, and other pools that represent the creation and accumulation of specific game items or units. Each building or unit has conditions for its creation, illustrated through interactive pools that activate based on resource availability or other conditions such as the presence of certain buildings. 

The diagram also includes mechanisms for scaling the capacity of specific resources based on game-related logic, exemplified by a note that calculates "Probe Capacity" as a function of Pylons built. Resource connections move resources at various constant and conditional rates, represented by formulas that determine flow rates, such as a direct transfer, percent-based flow, or all resources moving from one node to another. State connections modify the behavior or enable actions upon certain conditions being met, ensuring that the economy and unit production rates reflect in-game strategies and requirements. This creates a dynamic and interactive model emulating the decision-making and resource allocation challenges faced by players in real-time strategy games.


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