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Economy (lakers)


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This diagram simulates a gameplay mechanics system focusing on player interaction, scoring, and the dynamic adjustment of difficulty levels. At the core of the simulation are resources representing time, points, life points, and difficulty level, each managed through a thoughtfully interconnected network of sources, pools, converters, registers, and drains. 

Players input triggers events in the system, simulating actions such as successful referee trips and player trips, which respectively contribute to success or failure in the game context. The system is designed to adapt the difficulty level based on player performance, dynamically updating this level as the game progresses to continuously challenge the player. Positive outcomes, such as successful referee trips, increase the player's score, while player trips (failures) may lead to losing life points but also generate opportunities for regaining them, thus maintaining engagement through a balance of challenge and reward. Additionally, certain conditions and thresholds trigger the end of the game, thereby integrating a mechanism to evaluate the player’s overall performance within a set framework of rules and interactions.


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