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This diagram models a resource management and progression system inspired by strategy and development within a game setting, possibly akin to popular board games like "Settlers of Catan". It outlines a dynamic economic ecosystem where resources such as Brick, Sheep, Ore, Wood, and Wheat are generated from specific sources and subsequently utilized to construct various game elements like Roads, Settlements, and Cities. These constructions are translated into victory points, which are a standard measure for progress and success within the game.

The diagram ensures a detailed simulation of resource flow and management, starting from the generation of basic resources, moving towards their utilization in creating intermediate structures (Roads, Settlements), and ultimately aiming for advancements to Cities and the acquisition of Victory Points. It incorporates mechanisms for resource randomization and conditions for advancement, alongside converters and drains that simulate transactions and upgrades within the economy. This systematic approach allows for an intricate depiction of a game's economic model, embodying the fundamental aspects of resource accumulation, strategic expenditure, and progression towards victory.


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