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Systemic Combat


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This diagram represents a complex simulation environment focused on strategic combat scenarios, integrating elements such as player skills, weapon and enemy types, environmental conditions, and player movement. At its core, the diagram uses a series of registers to calculate and simulate various effects like damage, area of effect (AOE), player and enemy health, speed, and resistance, among others. These calculations take into account weapon effectiveness against different enemy types, the impact of weather conditions on combat outcomes, and player mobility to strategically position in response to enemy location. 

The simulation allows for dynamic adjustments through interactive inputs for player skill level, weapon choice, and enemy types, which directly influence the combat dynamics and outcomes. By factoring in various conditions and player decisions, it simulates a detailed combat environment where strategy and resource management are key to success. Pools track resources like player health and enemy resistance, providing a snapshot of the current state of play, while gates and drains represent tactical choices and their outcomes, such as the decision to engage in combat or the effect of an environmental hazard. This mechanism allows for a nuanced exploration of combat strategy within a simulated environment.


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