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This diagram represents a sophisticated simulation of an economic and resource management system within a trading card game (TCG) environment titled "Card Capital" by Daniel Narvaez. Players begin with an initial inventory of money and cards of varying rarities, including Common, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, and Mega Rare cards. Various nodes in the system facilitate the trade, purchase, and utilization of these cards to achieve victory conditions or further wealth within the game.

The gameplay mechanics are modeled through a network of resource flows that include earning money, buying card packs, opening packs to obtain random cards, and managing a personal deck of cards for tournament play. Notably, the system incorporates mechanisms for direct card trade between players, offering players the opportunity to exchange cards of different rarities following specific trade rules. Additionally, players can participate in tournaments, advancing through rounds with each victory, ultimately aiming for the tournament win, which yields significant rewards in both cards and currency.

Throughout the game, players can increase their money by selling cards back to the shop, winning matches, or completing trades beneficial to their inventory. Various conditions modeled in the system, such as thresholds for entering tournaments or triggers for being 'defeated' in matches, add depth to the simulation by introducing strategic considerations for resource management. The intention is for players to navigate through the complexities of building a competitive deck, trading strategically, and optimizing resource flows to achieve victory in tournaments and accumulate wealth within the game economy.


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