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This diagram is a representation of a competitive game system between two players, designed to simulate an exchange of resources termed as "balls" in a controlled environment where automated sources and strategic gates play a crucial role. At the core, it includes "Player 1 Balls" and "Player 2 Balls" pools, starting with an equal number of resources. The system is engineered to facilitate the movement of these resources through an intricate network of gates and pools, simulating a competitive exchange where each player aims to deplete the other's resources to secure a win. Central to this are the deterministic and dice-based gates which introduce both predictable and variable outcomes to the resource flow, respectively, modeling a game that incorporates elements of strategy and chance.

The architecture of the diagram also embeds end conditions labeled "P1 lost" and "P2 lost", which get triggered when specific threshold conditions in the pools are met, thereby concluding the game. Additionally, automatic sources and specialized state connections manipulate the resource dynamics by activating or altering the flow based on the current state of resources, enhancing the complexity and strategic depth of the game. Overall, the diagram meticulously combines deterministic decision-making with probabilistic elements to create an engaging and dynamic competitive game environment where players contest to strategically manage their resources against the game's rules and each other’s actions.


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