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This diagram represents an intricately designed economic system, modeled to simulate the flow and distribution of resources within a structured environment, potentially reflecting a game economy or a simplified real-world economic system. At the core of the system are various pools that hold resources marked as 'Black' and 'Blue', which could symbolize different types of assets, commodities, or currencies managed within the economy. These pools interact with sources that generate an infinite supply of resources, depicting an injection of new assets into the economy, akin to external investments or resource production mechanisms.

Central to the operational mechanics of this economy are traders and gates, which facilitate the exchange and directed flow of resources, effectively modeling transactions between agents or stages within the economic system. Drains, on the other hand, represent consumption or loss of resources, simulating expenses, decay, or any form of resource depletion. Registers within the system are configured to perform calculations or maintain certain variables, potentially tracking key economic indicators or modulating the flow of resources based on dynamic conditions, embodying the regulatory or policy instruments that might affect an economy. The presence of multiple connections, including both resource and state connections, allows for the complex interplay between nodes, enabling a sophisticated simulation of economic dynamics. This network, through its carefully structured interactions and feedback loops, aims to capture the multifaceted nature of an economy, offering insights into resource management, economic balance, and the impact of various factors on the overall system.


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