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This diagram represents a complex system modeling various aspects of a blockchain-based Web 2.0 game with integrated GameFi and NFT elements, aimed to simulate and comprehend the economic and resource flow within such a game. It incorporates a series of sources generating resources like NFTs, ETH (Ethereum), and other tokens, highlighting the flow of these resources through pools, which simulate storage or accumulation points within the game's economy. Notably, it features mechanisms for resource conversion, trading, and burning, depicting how these assets are exchanged, transformed, or removed from the economy, simulating a player's interaction with the game's marketplace or trading systems.

The diagram extensively uses traders to exchange resources, converters to change one resource form into another, and pools to represent holding areas for accumulated resources, which reflect various game scenarios, such as earning, spending, and trading virtual assets. Additionally, drains are employed to simulate the consumption or loss of resources, mimicking scenarios where players might spend resources for in-game benefits or lose them due to game mechanics. The flow of resources is managed through a network of connections, each with specific rules governing the transfer rates and conditions under which resources move from one node to another, mirroring the complex interactions within a blockchain game's economy. The incorporation of automatic and manual triggers in transactions and resource generation introduces dynamic aspects to the simulation, allowing for variability in outcomes based on player actions and game conditions.


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