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The diagram conceptualizes a complex evaluation framework for assessing the multifaceted value of assets. It uses a broad array of qualities, categorized under intrinsic, extrinsic, economic, social, material/physical, intellectual, cultural, experiential, and other dimensional labels. These dimensions encapsulate various attributes an asset might possess, such as fulfilling user needs, evoking excitement, providing social influence, signaling achievements, and demonstrating wealth, among others. The framework is interactive, allowing users to define which qualities their asset taps into by activating specific source nodes. Each source node represents a different potential value attribute, ranging from aesthetic pleasure to environmental impact, cultural significance, innovative value, and beyond.

As users activate these nodes, the system employs registers to calculate the number of tapped and untapped qualities, thereby quantifying the asset's value across multiple dimensions. Pools are used to aggregate resources representing the quantity of qualities assessed. The incorporation of state connections and resource connections between source nodes, pools, and registers enables a dynamic analysis, reflecting the evolving understanding of what constitutes value in assets. This model is designed not just as a reflective tool but as a basis for deeper analysis, highlighting the asset's prioritized qualities, identifying untapped potentials, and optimizing resource allocation to enhance overall value. It provides a scaffold for engaging communities in valuing assets, supports decision-making, and encourages a nuanced appreciation of what assets can offer.


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