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This diagram represents a dynamic simulation of token distribution within a cryptocurrency ecosystem, specifically focusing on the ASTO token and incorporating an emission schedule to model how tokens are allocated and circulated over time. It includes a variety of pools representing different stakeholders and purposes within the ecosystem, such as "Early Contributors," "Play 2 Earn," "Ecosystem Development," "Company Team & Advisors," "DAO Reserve," and "Yield Farming & Staking." These pools interact through a series of automatic and time-dependent resource connections that distribute a fixed total token generation pool according to predetermined percentages and conditions.

The system employs gates to manage automatic distribution, and pools like "Token Generation" and "Lock Period" act as sources and timed-release mechanisms for tokens. Registers calculate time-dependent distributions to model the decrease in token distribution rate over time, reflecting a strategy to decrease the rate of distribution as time progresses, creating a negative feedback loop. This setup indicates a careful planning to ensure limited token supply over time, incentivizing early participation while also ensuring long-term sustainability and value retention for the ecosystem. Through these interconnected nodes and resource flows, the diagram encapsulates the mechanic complexity of token economics and distribution strategies in crypto projects, illustrating how various allocations and timed releases contribute to the overall circulation and supply dynamics of the ASTO token.


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