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Laboon Token Allocation


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This diagram represents an economic model for the distribution and management of a cryptocurrency called Laboon Token. Initially, a fixed supply of Laboon Tokens is established in a central pool. From there, Tokens are allocated to various other pools according to predefined rules and schedules, simulating the distribution mechanisms of the cryptocurrency over time to different stakeholders, including an Investor & Partner Pool, Team Pool, Treasury Reward Pool, Marketing Pool, Reserve Pool, Ecosystem Pool, and Airdrop Pool.

The flow of resources (Tokens) between pools is governed by automatic transfers and timed delays (cliffs) that simulate vesting periods or delayed allocations commonly seen in cryptocurrency projects. For example, tokens are initially distributed to certain holding pools and then gradually released to more specific pools such as those for investors, partners, the project team, and for marketing or ecosystem incentives over periods of months or years. This setup mirrors real-world practices of token distribution in blockchain projects, which often include initial fundraising stages, airdrops to community members, and reserved tokens for future development, all subject to certain lock-up or vesting periods to prevent market flooding.


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