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Game 2 Tokenomics


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This diagram models the economic system of a game with a focus on token economics, player interactions, and resource flows within an in-game marketplace, Automated Market Makers (AMMs), and a treasury system. At the core, it describes how resources and tokens (such as ETH and UGOLD) flow between various pools and entities including players, treasury, marketplace, and liquidity pools on a decentralized exchange. Players engage in activities like creating liquidity pools with in-game resources, spending tokens in marketplaces, and acquiring launchpad tokens with ETH. A significant portion of the diagram is dedicated to detailing how these interactions contribute to the liquidity and valuation of the game's token, UGOLD, through mechanisms like Launchpad sales, fees generated from AMMs returning to players and the treasury, and the allocation of tokens for game rewards and investors. 

The system incorporates a variety of nodes and connections that facilitate these economic activities: Source nodes represent the generation of ETH and in-game resources by players; Pool nodes store tokens and resources, acting as the marketplace, treasury, and liquidity pools; Register nodes calculate values such as UGOLD's initial price based on Launchpad sales, and the required liquidity for trading without slippage. The diagram also outlines strategies for incentivizing player participation through rewards from game activities and fees, adjusting the token's valuation and distribution (e.g., for crafting and upgrades, or as season pass requirements), and managing the treasury's growth through marketplace and Uniswap fees. Additionally, it highlights the dynamic adjustment of the system to ensure sustained engagement and economic stability, such as reallocating treasury funds to game rewards once the initial pool depletes, and gradually releasing tokens reserved for investors.


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