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This diagram represents a complex system designed to simulate the flow of resources through various nodes, highlighting the interconnectedness and dependencies between different components of an economy or game mechanics. At the core, sources generate an infinite amount of black-colored resources that flow through the system, facilitated by pools that act as reservoirs, converters that modify the flow based on interactive inputs, and gates that distribute resources based on dice roll outcomes. The intricate web of resource and state connections not only moves resources from point A to point B but also modifies the behavior of connected nodes based on conditions met, simulating a dynamic and evolving system.

The use of converters and gates introduces an element of strategy and uncertainty, as resources can be transformed or distributed differently based on user interaction and randomization, respectively. State connections play a crucial role in further refining the system's behavior by triggering actions or altering node states, thus adding another layer of complexity. This diagram showcases a multifaceted approach to resource management and distribution, making it a versatile tool for exploring and understanding the mechanics behind economic systems or game economies.


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