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Weapon&Gear repair


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This diagram models a game scenario where players, referred to as "Heroes," engage in battles against computer-controlled opponents, labeled as "Mobs," in a role-playing game (RPG) setting. The gameplay mechanics revolve around the level of the hero, the weapon's stamina, and the difficulty of the battles chosen by the players. The diagram allows for an interactive setup where participants can enter the stamina of their weapon and the number of times it has been repaired previously. Based on these inputs, the model simulates battles between the hero and mobs across different difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard) and calculates outcomes related to the hero's and mob's attacks, defenses, and health points (HP).

The central mechanism of this model involves the computation of rewards in the form of $AGORA (a form of currency or points within the game context) that players earn upon winning battles. These rewards are influenced by the chosen battle difficulty, the hero’s and weapon's level, and the weapon's usage points. The model also calculates the cost of repairing weapons, factoring in the weapon's stamina and the frequency of repairs, to ensure fairness in gameplay progression and resource management. Additionally, the simulation encompasses the potential for the hero's victory or defeat in each encounter, with corresponding adjustments to the collected rewards and statistics such as wins and losses. This dynamic interaction between player choices, gameplay strategy, and RNG (random number generation) elements constitutes the core experience modeled in this diagram, reflecting the complexity and depth of interlocking systems typical in RPGs.


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