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Teeth Deck


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This diagram simulates a dynamic ecosystem model involving predator-prey interactions and the ripple effects through a food chain represented by variable types of fish. The system initiates with various pools symbolizing different entities within an ecosystem such as "Teeth Deck," "Prey," "Predator," and different tiers of fish ("Fish," "Bigger Fish," and "Biggest Fish"), along with a "Reshuffle" mechanism. Each entity type interacts with others through a series of resource and state connections, designed to emulate the biological and environmental processes that dictate survival, predation, and the transfer of energy within an ecological community. 

The intricate web of interactions is modeled to reflect the consequences of events like death, predation, and reshuffling on the ecosystem's structure. Predators consume prey, leading to adjustments across the system, such as adding resources ("Teeth") to a collective pool ("Teeth Deck") or causing specific entities like fish to evolve into more significant forms or go extinct, mimicking natural selection and evolutionary pressures. Reshuffling events introduce randomness, simulating unexpected environmental changes. The system's goal is to reach a stable state where the deck has achieved a predetermined configuration, indicative of a balanced ecosystem, and to track the number of turns (iterative steps) required to reach this equilibrium, offering insights into the efficiency and resilience of the ecological model designed.


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