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Card game level model


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This diagram represents a gameplay mechanic system centered around a card game, featuring elements such as leveling up, winning or losing matches, and obtaining boosters as part of the in-game rewards. At the core, a source node labeled "Play Card Game" generates resources (signifying game actions or rounds) that flow through gates determining the outcome of each play by random chance. Depending on the outcome, resources are directed toward either a "Win" or "Loss" pool, each of which has further implications on the game state. Winning increases the chance to level up and also contributes resources towards "Boosters Game", a mechanism for obtaining in-game power-ups or bonuses categorized into small, medium, and large boosters.

The game incorporates a leveling system, where specific resources must be accumulated to "Level Up", signifying character or player progression within the game. The "Level Up Cost" converter and the "Level" pool depict this process, controlled by a mechanism that involves dynamically calculated costs for leveling up, likely becoming more challenging as the player progresses. The various pools for boosters indicate a tiered reward system, where the odds for each booster type are influenced by automatic gates, representing different probabilities of receiving each booster type. Lastly, the diagram includes a register node with a formula adjusting the difficulty or requirements of certain actions or thresholds based on the game's current state, introducing a dynamic difficulty adjustment or progression mechanic. Overall, the system captures the complex interplay between player actions, progression, rewards, and chance, laying out a foundational economy for a card game with elements of strategy, resource management, and random outcomes.


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