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Complex Bagel Shop


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This diagram represents an interactive business simulation focused on managing a bagel shop. It begins with sourcing ingredients and funding (represented by "Me", "Foot Traffic", "Time Counter", and "Mike's Bagel Production" source nodes) to produce bagels ("Bagels" pool) and generate revenue ("Money" pool). The simulation includes various roles such as bakers, cashiers, and influencers ("Bakers", "Cashiers", and "Influencers" pools), whose recruitment and roles impact the business's operations and marketing reach. The interplay between hiring employees, satisfying customer demands, and engaging with influencers is critical for accumulating wealth within the simulation. Converters like "Hire Baker", "Hire Cashier", and "Bribe Influencer" enable the transition of resources like money into operational capacity, enhancing the shop's ability to generate income and grow its influence.

Resource connections dictate the flow of resources between nodes with formulas indicating the rates or conditions for these transfers. For instance, employment costs and production rates affect the flow of money and bagels. Strategic decisions made by the player can change the system's state dynamically, impacting the simulation's outcome. State connections modify node values based on game events or player actions, such as increasing foot traffic through marketing efforts. End goals are defined by the accumulation of resources ("Mike's Money" and the player's "Money" pool), with victory conditions like "Buy Out Competitor" indicating competitive success metrics. The diagram serves as a comprehensive framework for understanding business economics, resource management, and strategic planning within a competitive environment.


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