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This diagram represents a complex computational model that simulates an economy based on the interactions between various entities such as currency (CPT and USDC), level-up mechanisms (Lvup), and several unspecified actions and resources, denoted by "???". Central to this economy are mechanisms for generating, converting, and consuming resources, alongside registers that calculate and manipulate these resources based on a variety of factors, including levels (lv), efficiency (eff), and others. The diagram includes sources that generate resources, pools where resources are accumulated, converters that change one type of resource into another, drains for resource consumption, and registers that perform calculations to influence the system's behavior.

The flow of resources between these entities is governed by both deterministic and probabilistic rules, including fixed resource transfers, random chance (e.g., a 50% flow rate), and mathematical operations on resource quantities based on the system's state (e.g., a register calculating currency based on efficiency and level). The model also incorporates interactive elements where user input can affect the computations and resource flows, allowing for dynamic scenarios that can model a variety of economic situations. This flexible, multifaceted approach enables the simulation of complex economic behaviors, including currency exchange, resource conversion efficiency based on levels and user choices, and the impact of these factors on economic growth or contraction within the system.


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