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Rollic Case I


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This diagram models a game economy system focusing on player interactions with in-game reward mechanisms and virtual item purchases. Players accumulate diamonds (resources) through gameplay, represented by a Source node feeding into a "Wallet" Pool. For every level completed, players earn an average of 134 diamonds. The system also incorporates advertising mechanics; beginning from the second level, players encounter interstitial ads, tracked by an "Inter Ads" Pool, and have a chance every five levels to open a chest with a reward ad, which, depending on player choice, contributes additional diamonds to their wallet or increases counts in the "No Ad Watched" Pool.

Additionally, when a player's diamond count reaches 3000, they can purchase virtual items such as accessories, hair, or clothes, modeled by Converter and Gate nodes that deduct diamonds from the player's wallet and increment corresponding Pools for each item type. The diagram hence encapsulates the flow of resources through gameplay achievements, advertisement interactions, and virtual goods economy, adjusting the state based on player actions and decisions. It intricately ties together the accumulation and expenditure of in-game currencies with the player's progression and engagement strategies, emphasizing the significance of balancing rewards and expenditures to maintain player interest and game economy health.


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