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Generic IdleGame Gameplay Part 1 - Template


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This diagram represents a complex battle simulation system with mechanics for generating battles, determining outcomes, and adjusting difficulty and player progression based on performance. At its core, the system uses sources to initiate battles, with pools storing the state of various metrics like XP (experience points), difficulty levels, and battle outcomes (win or lose). Gates play a critical role in distributing resources randomly, simulating the unpredictability of battle results. 

Converters are employed to manipulate these outcomes into meaningful game progressions, such as leveling up and adjusting the game's difficulty. Registers calculate and track the player's level (LVL) and the game's difficulty (Dif), reflecting changes dynamically in response to game events. The system implements a level-up mechanism that uses these registers to determine when the player's achieved experience points suffice for a new level, adjusting the difficulty accordingly to maintain a balanced challenge. Interconnected state connections modify the flow of resources and conditions based on the ongoing game state, ensuring a dynamic and variable game experience that reacts to the player's actions and the outcomes of battles. Overall, this diagram outlines a sophisticated mechanism to simulate battles, progress, and difficulty scaling in a game environment.


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