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Outer Wilds Loop


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This diagram simulates a game mechanism involving the progression of a player through various stages, each represented by a pool node with objectives such as "Find Coordinates," "Find Ash Twin Project," "Take the Core," and "Reach the Vessel With the Core." The system starts with black resources flowing from source nodes, simulating the passage of time in "Minutes" and player actions that progress the game. One of the key strategies simulated by this diagram is the discovery process, where finding clues ("Found a Clue") and solving puzzles leads to progress, as indicated by automatic activations of specific pools based on conditions set by gate nodes.

The interplay between "Player Chance," "Loops," and "Die" nodes alongside converters and gates illustrate a critical decision-making process and the importance of chance in the gameplay, affecting outcomes like dying and looping back in the game. "Player Chance" reflects the probability-driven aspect of the game where decisions or events have a 50% chance to either contribute to finding a clue or lead to the player's death. The extensive use of deterministic and dice distribution gates, along with a feedback loop facilitated by "Loops Counter" and a register calculating conditions for re-triggering events, points towards a complex mechanism of risk, reward, and repetition, governing the loop of actions until reaching the end condition of the game signaled by successfully reaching the vessel with the core.


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