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Filedgr Tokenomics Model (Updated)


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This diagram represents a complex token economy model, reflecting interactions among various stakeholders within a cryptocurrency framework, such as founders, team members, hodlers, traders, and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It meticulously outlines the processes of token distribution, staking, selling, dividends, and circulation within an open market. Essential operations like the generation of tokens, staking mechanisms, sales transactions, dividend distributions, and the movement of tokens into open circulation are mapped out with precision. This model details the flow rates between different pools—signifying stakeholders or liquidity pools—and employs gates to simulate decision points in staking or selling tokens, offering a granular view of a crypto-economy's inner workings.

Furthermore, the diagram incorporates delays and drains to simulate the temporal aspects of holding or staking periods and the removal of tokens from circulation, respectively. Registers are used to calculate total tokens held by different groups, and the impact of actions like staking or selling on the overall token economy. This is a dynamic simulation tool that accounts for variables such as dividend payouts and token exchanges between stakeholders. It effectively visualizes the strategic interactions and value flows within a crypto-economic system, enabling the exploration of different scenarios and their outcomes on the distribution of tokens and overall economic incentives.


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