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Savilla Tifania Mahadewi - 5221600072
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This diagram models a personalized music streaming experience with a focus on mood management and song selection, simulating the interplay between user mood, song choices, and the effects of music on the user's well-being. At the core of this system, the "Songs" source feeds into a "Shuffle" mechanism, simulating the selection of songs. This selection then impacts various pools labeled as "Favorite", "Spotify Picks", and "Unlike", with certain probabilities guiding which pool a song ends up in. Depending on the destination, songs can lead to different outcomes like skipping a song or changing the user's "Happiness" level. 

The "Happiness" pool is pivotal, influenced by converters translating the effects of different song types and further affected by user mood states like "Excited", "Study", or "Sleep", each represented by pools receiving resources from external sources or other pools, illustrating the dynamic impact of song selection and user mood. The inclusion of converters and traders signifies the conversion of songs into happiness points or the exchange between different mood states, showing a complex feedback loop between user actions and the system’s response. State connections modify the values in reaction to certain thresholds, simulating adaptive responses to changes in the user’s mood or song preferences. Delays and drains implement temporal dynamics or removal of resources (songs, mood points) based on conditions like disliking a song or feeling tired, encapsulating a nuanced simulation of a digital music streaming ecosystem.


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