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Backup of Traffic City - Flow - 21/09/2022


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This diagram represents a complex system designed to simulate the dynamics of urban infrastructure and personal wealth growth in relation to vehicle management and personal happiness. At its core, it features multiple sources generating resources, namely houses and highways that contribute to car and cargo flow respectively. These resources interact through converters, representing upgrades and shopping, and pools that store various levels of assets, such as park, speed, earning, and stock levels along with their corresponding monetary values. The system's economy is maintained by complex interactions between these levels, influenced by gates and registers that control the flow based on specific conditions such as the comparison of current speed or park levels to set standards. This mechanic simulates investment decisions leading to wealth growth or decline and their impact on personal satisfaction, represented by the happiness pool.

Moreover, the diagram includes a timer mechanism composed of multiple sources and pools with varying intervals, demonstrating the passage of time and its impact on the accumulation of resources and progression towards goals. This temporal aspect introduces urgency and strategy into the system, as players must navigate resource allocation and upgrades within constraints. Additionally, upgrade zones for park, speed, earnings, and stock levels underscore the game's focus on improvement and expansion, providing a layered approach to urban and economic development. This intricate setup, therefore, models a microcosm of urban life and economic decision-making, with the cumulative effect of choices made influencing the overall happiness and prosperity of the simulated environment.


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