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S-Metaverse Macro Economy Model


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This diagram represents a complex economic system that simulates the flow and exchange of resources in a gaming environment, focusing on Player-vs-Player (PvP) mechanics, Hero and Land NFT (Non-Fungible Token) allocations, and resource accumulation strategies. The system comprises several key components: Sources (S) generating new players and events; Pools (P) representing different resource reservoirs such as "HC Pool," "Players HC," "FC Pool," "Players FC," and a "Locking Pool"; Converters (V) converting resources for obtaining maximum hero capabilities; and Registers (R) monitoring the total FC (Fictional Currency). 

Resources flow through the system via Resource Connection Cells, enabling interactions such as PvP losses, hero and land NFT allocations, and participation in events or alliances. Some connections, marked by specific values ("PVP Loss," "Earn," "Convert to MAX Hero," etc.), denote the transactions or conversions occurring between different pools or from sources to pools. The system's dynamics allow for both the accumulation of resources in pools and their strategic deployment for competitive advantages or asset acquisition. State connections influence the flow based on conditions, modifications, or triggers, indicating a responsive system that adjusts according to player actions or external events. This simulation encompasses both asset management within the game economy and strategic decision-making by players, reflecting the multifaceted interactions typical of an online gaming ecosystem.


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