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Revenue Sharing to VeAMP & AMP/ETH LP


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This diagram outlines a multifaceted economic model designed to simulate the dynamics of staking liquidity and treasury management within a cryptocurrency environment, focusing on AMP and ETH tokens. It integrates financial mechanisms such as staking rewards (APR calculations), treasury stake simulation, DAO fees, affiliate earnings, and the impact of program revenues on the financial ecosystem. The model also contemplates investor interactions, including the purchase of AMP with USD and the corresponding impact on the treasury's funds and staking incentives.

The system's behavior is driven by various conditions and formulas that govern resource flow between nodes, including the conditional staking of new liquidity based on APR thresholds and the activation of liquidity staking at specified revenue milestones. It incorporates mathematical registers to compute APR and tokens per block metrics, manipulating these values based on the incoming funds and stake amounts. Furthermore, the model simulates the passage of time, linking it to revenue generation and affiliate earnings, thus providing a comprehensive overview of how revenue and staking decisions influence the overall financial state and growth of the ecosystem.


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