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Partisans - Game Loop


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This diagram represents the gameplay loop and interconnected systems of a game focused on leading an insurrection against an occupying army in a city. At its core, the gameplay loop orchestrates the sequence of events: beginning with the player's turn, where they must efficiently manage and deploy resources such as partisans, weapons, and intel. Partisans serve as the main agents of action, capable of re-engagement in subsequent turns, whereas weapons and intel are consumable resources critical for executing specialized actions. Following the player's turn, the underground network system activates, autonomously supplying the player with resources and expanding their influence. 

The cycle continues with the potential recruitment of new partisans, influenced by the level of civilian sympathy towards the players' cause, which is affected by the players' actions and the propagandistic efforts of the game's systems. The occupation force's turn ensues, acting in response to the resistance based on the accumulated animosity towards the partisans. Various actions by the partisans increment animosity, which can gradually diminish over time. The loop culminates with the occupational forces' attempts to quell the insurrection, after which a new turn begins. The dynamic interplay among these systems drives towards an endgame where either the occupation forces or the partisans are obliterated, emphasizing strategic resource management, influence expansion, and the impact of player actions on civilian sentiment and enemy response.


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