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This diagram models an intricate game economy and progression system focused on player leveling, experience point (XP) accumulation, and in-game currency management. It contains mechanisms for tracking player levels, accumulating XP to unlock the next level, and calculating rewards in two forms of currency based on the player's level. The system uses a variety of nodes, including Pools to represent different stores of resources (like player level, total coin pool, and player upgrade count), Converters for processing level-ups and reward allocations, and Registers for doing calculations and determining the outcomes based on the player's current state (e.g., the increase of XP required for each level up, coin reward per level up, and different bonuses or multipliers).

Resource and State Connections are used extensively to move resources (like XP and coins) through the system, modify node values (e.g., player level and total coins), and execute conditions and triggers that simulate game actions (like leveling up). This is done through specific formulas that manage the flow and transformation of resources, ensuring a dynamic and responsive game economy. Key activities modeled in this diagram include earning XP, leveling up, calculating and issuing rewards based on progress, and modifying the cost and benefits of in-game actions as the player advances. The result is a comprehensive economic model that could underpin a game's reward system, player progression, and resource management, providing a structured yet flexible framework for simulating player engagement and achievement.


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