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This diagram models a complex resource management system designed to simulate multiple pools of resources and their interconnections, featuring a variety of resource flows—ranging from deterministic to random—that interact with the pools. The multiple mxPoolShapeCells, each initialized with a specific number of resources, act as storage points or nodes where resources can accumulate or be dispatched. Some pools have automatic activation or interactive modes, suggesting a system that reacts to certain triggers or requires user interaction to initiate certain flows.

Resource connections between these pools implement both fixed and variable flow rates, including specific formulas such as “D6” for a randomly generated number between 1 and 6, and “2D5+2,” illustrating the diversified flow dynamics within this system. These flows might be unlimited, fixed, or subject to a dice roll, which introduces variability to the model. Particularly, connections with labels indicating flow rates or special conditions, like unlimited flow or random rates, underscore the intricacy of resource distribution mechanics and how they can influence the state of the system dynamically. The existence of pools with capacities suggests a limit to accumulation, introducing a ceiling to resource growth within nodes and necessitating strategic resource management. This model appears to be a versatile tool for simulating complex economic systems or game mechanics where resource allocation, accumulation, and randomness play critical roles in the system’s behavior and outcome.


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