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Machinations UP Demo v1.2


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This diagram conceptualizes a dynamic system aimed at modeling the movement behavior of an entity within a virtual environment. It contemplates several key attributes such as "Movement Speed," "Size X" (width), "Size Y" (length), and "Change Direction Time," each represented as pools that start with specific numerical values indicative of the entity's initial state. These pools are crucial as they store resources that define the characteristics or status of the entity's movement and dimensional attributes at any point in time.

The simulation incorporates a source node that generates resources at a constant rate, feeding into another unspecified pool, simulating a continuous change or event within the system. Additionally, a converter node labeled "Test" and a gate node also named "Test" are included but without specified roles in the provided excerpt. Their presence implies the system's capability for more complex interactions, such as transforming or conditioning the flow of resources based on certain rules or triggers. This setup allows for the exploration and adjustment of the entity's movement dynamics and response to changes over time, serving as a foundational framework for simulating and iterating on behavior patterns within game design or any virtual environment requiring nuanced control of movement and size attributes.


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