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Menjadi Muslim yang Baik


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This diagram represents a spiritual growth and self-improvement system focused on Islamic practices and principles. At its core, the system integrates fundamental practices such as self-awareness, prayer (Sholat), preaching (Dakwah), and work (Kerja), feeding into a cycle of continual personal development and reinforcement of faith and religious duties. The resources generated from these practices are directed towards increasing levels of faith (Iman), piety (Taqwa Level), and the fulfillment of religious obligations such as completed prayers and preaching activities. 

Resources flow through various pools and are converted into more advanced forms of religious observance and knowledge, such as understanding Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Aqidah (creed), and Al-Quran studies, as well as performing acts of worship like fasting, charity, and pilgrimage. Gates within the system depict decision points or actions taken, such as learning and doing, which further influence the flow of resources and contribute to the system's dynamics. The use of states and converters reveals a structured progression path where resources (representing efforts and achievements in religious practice) are systematically transformed into higher levels of spiritual understanding and practice, underpinned by the principles of Islam. The diagram is designed to simulate the journey of a Muslim's life in terms of religious and spiritual development, reflecting both the inner transformation and the outward fulfillment of Islamic obligations.


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