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This diagram models a blockchain-based token economy, specifically focusing on the dynamics of a liquidity pool involving Ethereum (ETH) and a hypothetical token, ILV. It illustrates how participants, identified here as stakers and players, interact with the pool and with each other to trade resources (tokens), manage holdings, and influence token prices within an automated system. The diagram includes mechanisms for the automatic generation and consumption of ETH, the conversion of resources between ETH and ILV, and the tracking of ILV price relative to actions within the system. It also depicts the staking behavior, whereby stakers sell a certain percentage of their holdings at each step, modeled through resource flows and state changes.

Key components of this system include pools for storing ETH and ILV, sources for generating ETH, and a series of registers and state connections that calculate and reflect the ongoing price of ILV, the amount of ILV in a vault as a result of trading activities, and adjustments to the flow of tokens based on predefined conditions and the dynamic activities of staking. This design captures the complexity of tokenomics within decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, encompassing aspects such as liquidity provision, price determination through trading activities, and the impact of staking behaviors on the overall market dynamics for the tokens involved.


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