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Basic Crafting System


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This diagram models a resource management and crafting system typically found within a game economy. It begins with a Source node labeled "Loot" which generates resources representing material drops. These materials flow through a gate labeled "Rarity", acting as a distribution mechanism for material rarity, and are then sorted into two Pool nodes labeled "Common" and "Rare", simulating the common and rare materials obtained by players. The distribution of resources into these pools is governed by probability, with a 60% chance for materials to enter the "Common" pool and a 40% chance for the "Rare" pool, modeling the variability of loot rarity in games.

Furthermore, the diagram includes a Converter node titled "Craft", representing the crafting process, where common and rare materials are converted into items stored in an "Item" Pool. The conversion process consumes resources from both "Common" and "Rare" pools at different rates, with common materials having a lower cost compared to rare materials, reflecting the higher value and utility of rare materials in the crafting process. The system depicted emphasizes the flow of resources from acquisition through rarity sorting to crafting, highlighting the dynamics of resource management and item creation within a game context.


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