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Inovasi dan Prinsip Desain Media_Kelompok 4


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This diagram is a comprehensive Machinations model that simulates several gameplay mechanics, economic transactions, and delay processes within a game environment. At its core, it showcases a series of transactions where players sell items (such as swords), purchase consumables (e.g., bread and potions), and engage in trade operations with shops exchanging coins for items, reflecting a dynamic in-game economy. Additionally, the diagram includes gameplay mechanics involving stamina recovery, item pickup interactions delineated by an "interactive" activation mode, and oxygen management for underwater exploration, indicating player health management and environmental interaction aspects.

Moreover, the diagram intricately models delay and queue dynamics, offering insights into how certain actions or resource flows can be timed or ordered within a game system. It employs end conditions and registers to facilitate complex conditional logic, such as determining when the game ends based on specified criteria like resource thresholds or achievement of certain states such as winning conditions or game termination upon death. These elements collectively demonstrate a sophisticated simulation of game mechanics, economic systems, and conditional gameplay logic, providing a framework for analyzing game design choices and player engagement strategies.


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