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Simon's Cat-Pop Time


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This diagram represents a complex game mechanics system focusing on the interactions between different colored balls (pink, blue, green, and yellow) and levels across various game elements represented as "Chole", "Kitten", "Jazz", and "Maisy". Players presumably progress through these levels by meeting certain conditions, such as accumulating or eliminating a specific number of balls. Gates, along with automatic and passive sources, trigger actions that affect the game state, like moving balls between pools or changing levels. The system's behavior is further tailored by converters, which transform one game state into another, and drains that remove elements from play. Registers calculate and keep track of the game's changing conditions, potentially influencing the difficulty and the player's progress based on predefined formulas. This dynamic interaction likely aims at maintaining a balance between challenge and progress, ensuring an engaging gameplay experience. Additional elements like end conditions signal game completion stages, either resulting in a game over or congratulations message, enforcing the game's objectives and achievements.


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