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EU4 Mana Points Generation


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This diagram represents a complex system for managing various aspects of a simulated state's governance and military during the Renaissance period, focusing on skill development, resource allocation, and strategic decisions influenced by advisors and estates. It features a detailed simulation of accruing administrative, diplomatic, and military skills through pools labeled with specific skill sets, such as "Admin Skill," "Diplomatic Skill," and "Military Skill." 

Sources within the system, like "Ruler," "Military Advisor Lv1," and "Debase Currency," generate resources representing actions or decisions that impact the state's skill levels and resources. These resources flow through a network of pools, gates, and drains, simulating skill accumulation, strategic decisions, and their consequences. Drains such as "Reduce Inflation," "Admin Tech," and "Military Tech" represent points where resources can be expended for benefits or advancements, emulating strategic decision-making in state management. The system utilizes registers and state connections to perform calculations and trigger effects based on the simulation's evolving conditions, reflecting the dynamic nature of managing a Renaissance state's governance and military capabilities.


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