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R&D (playstyle)

"R&D playstyle" in video games refers to a type of gameplay where the primary goal is to experiment with different moves, options, and mechanics to learn more about the game or an opponent, rather than focusing solely on winning. In an R&D playstyle, the player may try out unconventional strategies or techniques to see how they work, and they may be more interested in discovering new things about the game than in winning matches. Additionally, an R&D player may actively seek to help others learn by sharing their knowledge and strategies. Overall, the R&D playstyle is focused on exploration and experimentation, and it can be a valuable way for players to deepen their understanding of a game and its mechanics.

R & D (playstyle)


In game design, "R&D playstyle" refers to a strategic approach where players prioritize experimentation, discovery, and the acquisition of knowledge to inform their in-game decisions. This playstyle often involves a systematic exploration of game mechanics, environments, or strategies to uncover hidden elements, optimize efficiency, and gain a deeper understanding of the game's intricacies.

The R&D playstyle can be observed in strategy games, particularly in the "4X" genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate). Players adopting the R&D approach focus on thoroughly exploring the game world, experimenting with various technologies, and conducting research to uncover novel strategies or hidden advantages.

For instance, in a space-themed 4X strategy game, a player adopting the R&D playstyle might prioritize the development of advanced technologies and scientific advancements. They may explore the game's universe extensively, uncovering hidden resources, anomalies, and artifacts. This player could invest heavily in research-oriented infrastructure and dedicate resources to scientific endeavors to unlock unique technologies or gain a strategic advantage over opponents.

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