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Return on Investment

How much 'better off' you will be by making an investment. This could be the gold you get back after x time, or the increase in the chance to beat a boss.

Investment & Return on Investment

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In the context of game design, Return on Investment refers to the measure of success or benefit that players gain from their in-game actions, efforts, or resource allocations. It assesses the efficiency of player decisions by evaluating the rewards, achievements, or advancements acquired in relation to the time, resources, or skill invested. Essentially, ROI in game design gauges the profitability of player choices within the game, emphasizing the notion that players seek meaningful returns for their in-game endeavors.

For example, consider a role-playing game where players embark on a quest to defeat a formidable dragon. The resources invested include time spent strategizing, navigating treacherous environments, and engaging in challenging battles. The return on investment, in this context, would be the rewards gained upon successfully vanquishing the dragon — perhaps rare loot, experience points, or in-game currency. The more substantial and satisfying these rewards are in relation to the challenges faced, the higher the return on the players' investment in terms of time and effort. In multiplayer games, ROI can also be applied to strategic decision-making. For instance, a player might invest resources in fortifying their base in a strategy game, aiming for a defensive advantage. The return on this investment becomes evident during a multiplayer skirmish when the fortified base successfully repels enemy attacks, preserving resources and maintaining a strategic foothold on the map.

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